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CBM Crash Test Simulation Videos

CBM Isometric View

CBM One Peice Back.

CBM Two Piece Back

CBM Rear Impact Comparison between One and Two Piece Back

AEC has the Counter Balance Motion (CBM) seating solution available to license for the vehicular seating industry.

The CBM Seat offers comfort and safety. Using the CBM seating solution as a restraint reduces loads on the lower body, as well as reducing head trajectory. This reduction allows the safe depowering of air bags as well as improving the effectiveness of restraining belt systems. The CBM Seat deploys by momentum to absorb deceleration forces on the lower body.

How It Works

Quick explaination of the CBM Seat dynamics.

CBM Automotive Safety

The Counter Balance Motion (CBM) Seat acts as the third occupant restraint to increase automotive safety, provides a passive, cost-effective solution to lower body injury and improves occupant comfort.

CBM Technical Papers

Technical papers from presenations at industry conferences, Society of Automotive Engineers, Automotive & Transportation Interiors Expo. Included are Vibration Transfer Test Analysis, Counter Balanced Motion Seat for Automotive Comfort and Safety, Counter Balanced Motion (CBM) - Dynamic Seating, DYNAMIC SEATING - Optimizing the CBM Seat Design.

Compare Your Car's Safety With The CBM Seat

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